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  • G unit

    Another guy who stepped up from ITU to Ironman comfortably is Ivan Rana

  • mitch

    We should have mentioned Stephan Vuckovic too- he finished 10th on debut in Kona after winning a silver medal in Sydney at Olympic distance.

    • admin

      Nils Frommhold is another one we could’ve mentioned. Took out last year’s Ironman Arizona ahead of Paul Matthews after a season in ITU.
      – FOTB’s Ed. Tim Bradley

  • JT

    No review of Ironman Australia???

  • Lando

    Boys you couldn’t even mention Luke Bell cracking it at Port???

  • mitch

    Yep. Very good point Lando and JT. We’d talked about it so much the previous week between ourselves that IM OZ missed the radar. Sorry! We’l make up for it in the next ep.

  • trapper

    How do u forget IM Oz…..surely not by accident

  • Chuck Norris

    do you actually read the above comments trapper?