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Australian Triathlon Olympic Team set for appea

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Last Friday, the Triathlon Australia (TA) selection committee identified the three men and three women to be nominated today to the Australian Olympic Committee for selection to the 2012 Australian Olympic Team.

These athletes are:

Men – Brad Kahlefeldt, Courtney Atkinson and Brendan Sexton
Women – Emma Moffatt, Erin Densham and Emma Jackson.

The selection process allowed athletes a 48 hour period from last Friday (June 1) to lodge any appeals against the nominated team and an intention to appeal has been lodged within that time frame by Emma Snowsill.

If Snowsill does appeal it will be heard by an independent three-person Olympic Appeals Tribunal, chaired by David Grace QC with Paul Hayes and Melissa Ashton-Garard.

The final team selections will be advised by the Australian Olympic Committee.

Triathlon Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee will not be in a position to make any further comment until the appeals process has run its course.


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  • Jimbo

    Isn’t the whole reason for having a discretionary selection so you can pick someone who may not of shown the form in the selection races due to injury/training issues?
    I recon Snowy would of had a pretty good crack in London. All her training would of been aimed at peak in August.

  • eastdillon

    Hey Leo, did you notice how quickly Snowsill moved in the second 5k at Sydney? I get how the whole 10 counts for more, but given she’d thrown up on the bike, perhaps there’s traces of the Snowsill of Beijing?

    Plus San D mightn’t count for much, given the break riders in the women’s race were all from the right hand side at the start (who all got to run along a sand bank for 50m while everyone else had to swim it out. Densham was in that group and EJ and ES weren’t)

  • John S

    If Snowsill appeals, where does that leave Gentle. Both Jackson and Gentle are currently way ahead of Snowsill.

  • Bergs

    Snowsill appeal used to cover up the poor chances of the mens team @ gaining a top 5 nevermind medal

  • Leo

    I think they’ve got it right. I’m a big fan of Snowy – her run in Hamburg in 2010 was the best 10km run I’ve seen off the bike – but doesn’t seem to have her mojo going at the moment.

  • Young

    Snowsills time is over. It is time to let the new generation prove they can perform on the big stage!

  • AndrewM

    I guess the selectors don’t want Australia to selfishly claim another gold medal at the Olympics…

  • Paul

    Wow, who could have seen this coming, an athlete appealing discretionary selection. Let’s hope TA can get a clearer system in place prior to Rio 2016.

  • eastdillon

    just wondering, what happens when one of them gets injured?

    Michael sounds like he could be Michael Flynn the way things have gone!!

    Leo, Snowsill’s going to go one of two ways: Come out firing and make everyone including the 50.5 world embarrassed or will just pack it in. Pretty sad way for it to end given what she has delivered for Aus Triathlon, particularly the HP program and on the back of being assured by the powers that be that she’s in and doesn’t need to worry about Sydney or San D. I’m sure you can appreciate me believing the one I want to believe because the opposite is too sad to contemplate. I hope this puts what I have already said into perspective.

  • Tarzan

    Rob- correct..Alex-wrong!. Courtney gets out front pack almost every swim!

  • convert

    unfortunately whoever they picked the mental energy required during the last month will have ruined their chances for any type of medal from some of our triathletes. TA has not done the athletes or sport right. You just don’t pull a peak performance out of the air. The only ones who have a chance are moffat and brad the rest will just make up the field. Sorry but that is the reality of top level performance. The athletes who have known for 4+months will be the medal contenders. Sexton peaked in march and densham in May. Jackson and Atkinson are a long way from being medallist I’m afraid. For 2016 select the team 4months at least in advance and we may have a chance.

  • AlexR

    Rob, Wrong. Brad has and will swim front pack as he did in the test event last year. Do you think for one minute that the Brits and the Russians will let Courtney hang at the back of a bike group – have you seen his non-draft bike splits in the US this year?? You would not build a team around Courtney, but you could around Brad. But you didn’t and we are all the more thankful for that.

    Development?? What a joke. So the rationale is that you leave your only runner who could actually beat Jenkins at home (irrespective of whether she has done it this year, she is the only one capable of doing it). So let’s use the Olympics as a test track for the future. Cracks me up – who is calling these shots?? But keep it up.

  • Rob

    AlexR, not sure what you have been watching but Courtney is the only one out of the 3 men who a) will definitely be in the front group and b) happens to be one of the best swimmers in triathlon.

  • Leo

    Mac, you’ve asked whether Jackson is a genuine contender. I reckon 8 top 10 finishes, 2 podiums and 1 win (at Oceania) to finish 4th overall in her first season in senior competition suggests she is not without a chance this year, and should be even better in 4 years time. I reckon the selectors would get creamed if they sent the same team as 2008 when there are younger athletes performing as well or better. The Brits took a chance on A Brownlee in 2008 and he is the first to say that race was critical to his development….and he is going ok now.

  • Mac

    Since when is the Olympics about "development"? You don’t go there to win in 4 years but to win that day. Jackson is a talent no doubt, but on her best day can she really win? Snowsill is one of the few in the field that on her best day can win. Granted neither have put down a compelling case in recent time but utlimately doesn’t it come down to best chance to take the gold?

  • Michael

    I am sure that Emma Snowsill is disappointed but Emma Jackson earned her spot with a great 2011 and Erin has outperformed everyone this year. Emma Moffat is clearly our best female athlete. Go team!

  • Leo

    ED, I’d love to believe a massive race is just around the corner for Snowy – she is the best female runner the sport has ever seen – but I’m just not seeing it. And at least with the other three they are a good chance to swim close to the front: Snowy has been struggling on the swim. Jackson has to go as the development athlete, the other two on form. But the whole thing is a mess. I feel sorry for all concerned, including the selectors, who must feel the burden of their ‘discretion’ like a millstone around their neck.

  • Warren A

    The Aussie Select Comittee should listen to Macca’s suggestion on the selection process, why? it makes ALOT of sense.

  • AlexR

    Well done guys! You have left the only athlete you have who is capable of actually beating our Jenkins at home. I love your politics – no sure who is calling the shots/interfering but please keep it up. A great day for all us over this side of the world!!

    Mens selection a total joke too. Two athletes in Courtney and Sexton who will either not be in the front swim pack or get hammered on the bike when the Brownlees and the Russians attack. Some circus…You have the best swim bikers in the sport. Look who we pick as our third athletes in mens and womens teams…

  • eastdillon

    Fee, good to read.

    The problem we all have sitting here professing our expertise is that we don’t know the reasons handed down as to why Snowsill wasn’t included and the other girls were. These reasons will then form a large part of the appeal process as Snowsill’s team disputes them and will try to prove their incorrectness. If we knew these reasons, we wouldn’t look a giant bunch of uneducated idiots trying to be know it alls.

    Any chance on getting the reasons Phil? Or are we going to let this website be forum based rather than news based 😉

  • Fee

    eastdillon – you make a very good point. I guess I was trying to say that on the criteria as stated policy ES was not "4th". Although the clause states that the 9 criteria do not limit discretion – where you have a document which sets out criteria you will have a problem, legally, if you do not take these into consideration in exercising your discretion. This is going to be TAs problem. If I were ES’s lawyer, i’d fight this up to the international court of arbitration for sport.

  • Rob

    AlexR your dreaming, I will bet anything you want that Courtney will not get dropped on the bike! As per every other race he has done. Just name a few races they have dropped him when they swam together?

  • Davo

    AlexR sounds nervous. Australia has a great reputation in Triathlon and lets hope our next Generation team can live up to it. Would love to see an Aussie on the Podium in London, and all 6 are capable on their day. Go Aussie!

  • AlexR

    Tarzan, I used the word "either", so just for you – Sexton will not be near the front swim pack and Courtney will not be allowed to hang on to the back of a front bike/bike break pack by the Brownlees/the Russians

    All academic anyway, you do not have a hope of a podium on the mens side and very unlikely a top eight even, because your selectors have made a total mess of this. The Brits are running rings around you in terms of selection. Let’s wait to see who they pick as their third athletes on the mens and womens side…

  • rocket

    I don’t envy TA as they are going to be bagged no matter what they do. I think the best option is to select based upon current performance (last 12 months in particular) and this is what they have done. I don’t think ES has done enough recently to justify selection

  • eastdillon

    Fee, I concur. But why do you have Jackson in your sights and not Densham. She only performed for 6 weeks over the last 4 years and doesn’t meet as much of the criteria as Jackson or Snowsill.

    Lol at criteria in a discretion. Doesn’t discretion mean whatever you feel like? Good old law being taken past common sense

  • Tarzan

    AlexR – " two athletes in Courtney and Sexton who will not either be in the front swim pack"………

  • Fee

    You need to look at the 9 very clear selection criteria to be taken into consideration. Snowsill clearly meets the majority of these criteria and clearly meets more of the criteria than EJ. These are the criteria TA choose and I would love to be in ES’s corner as I think her appeal case is very strong.

  • AlexR

    Tarzan, Did I say Courtney would not swim first pack? I called into question his biking abilities and his staying with the Brownlees/the Russians on the bike…

  •’s Phil Wrochna

    eastdillon, rattling the cage again 😉
    The likelihood of the reasons behind TAs selection of the team as it stands being shared outside of TA and the appeals process are right up there with my odds of taking out lotto. While nothing is confirmed, we’re not about to add to the speculation on this one.

  • AexR

    Rob, Here is one example where the Brownlees decided they wanted to hammer the bike after a fast swim…

    But that is not the point. I am big Courtney fan – BUT the game has moved on and your selectors have been left FAR behind. London will be a super fast swim and an even harder bike. Look who the Brits will pick as their third man. Their plan is well set in stone – they have every intention of hammering everyone on the swim and bike and hammering the speed out of the other "runners" in the process. You have picked the wrong team with that race scenario in mind – you should have looked after Brad. But let’s look back here after London and see who was right. I hope I am wrong, but the race will be won on the swim and bike with a breakaway and you will not have a male in the top 8…

  • Red man

    Alex, I’ll be glued to the tv if it’s a super fast swim/bike as u suggest. Olympics mate! Medals matter. They will wait to the run! Atkinson will be there in swim /bike no doubt bar injury/illness. Like SD race, he’s timing perfectly. If your boys put it down from the gun, Atkinson is the only Aussie to be with bike breakaway, as you suggest!

  • eastdillon

    No one spilling the beans to you yet? Damn.

    I’m the Clayton Fettell of trifosi – If I can’t win, I’ll at least make everyone work hard to shut me up!

  • AlexR

    Red Man, Will be a cracker. Whilst the brits can win it on the run, no intention of waiting for the run. Test event in London last year was the test – you’ll remember that race. No interest in medals, only the top spot on the podium.

    Courtney (and Brad) could well be there come run time, but they are going to have to work very hard on the bike to be so and that is a real worry from your side in terms of what it takes from their runs… Should have picked a domestique to look after – as the Brits will do.

  • TriTalk

    Any news of the appeal and what is happening with the women’s team?

  • Leo

    Newspapers are reporting the appeal failed (see The Age). Sad day for Snowy