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A few Must-Dos Before The Noosa Triathlon

Travel / Tips & Tricks

Words : Tim Bradley / Phil Wrochna

The Noosa Triathlon is an event steeped in tradition on and off the race track. Some must does while you’re up there.

It’s a Noosa tradition to watch the world go by on Hastings Street

  • Grab a coffee and people watch on Hastings Street. You might have to pay a ‘Noosa premium’, but it’s well worth plonking yourself down at one of the many cafes on Hastings Street and watch the world walk by. If you’re racing, it’s also a great opportunity to get off your feet for a little bit and save the legs for Sunday. There’s no shortage of tri geeks getting around, and if nothing else, you’ll get a lesson on the latest in tri fashion.
  • Hit up the Noosa Surf Club for a meal. While it’s well-known as ‘the’ spot to hit after the race, if you’re chasing a quick and easy feed before the event, there’s no better spot than the Noosa Surf Club. Very popular all weekend, the Noosa Surf Club is a great place to hang out, grab a meal and take a load off. There’s also great views of Noosa’s main beach on the balcony to take in while you’re getting a feed.
  • Sneak out of town for a coffee at Costa Noosa. No more than 10 minutes by bike from Noosa is Sunshine Beach and there you’ll find arguably the best coffee spot in the area, Costa Noosa. The guys at Costa Noosa roast and blend daily, using Arabica high-altitude beans  sourced off various green bean suppliers from around the world. Do yourself a favour, tuck into their signature, and award winning, ‘Espresso Noosa’ blend – it’s one of the best cups of java we’ve had the good fortune of consuming. It’s also a great chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hastings Street, read the paper and take in a view that is not lycra and compression.
  • Snap up a bargain at the Noosa Triathlon Expo. A hub of excitement before the race, and the location where a lot brands sell-off last season’s stock at discount prices, so there’s a great opportunity to get some much-needed ‘tri retail therapy’ while you’re in Noosa. The Noosa Triathlon Expo is the biggest and best each year in Australia, and with the bargains that can be found, it’s definitely a place to spend some time before the race to soak up the atmosphere. It’s also great chance to check out all next year’s gear and high-end tri bikes on display.
  • Kick back and enjoy Super Saturday. There’s not too many places where you can watch some of the world’s best cyclists and runners do their thing on a Saturday afternoon in the one location. But each and every year at the Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival, Saturday afternoon gives the triathlon competitors a chance to relax and enjoy the ASICS 5km Bolt, Subaru Criteriums, and the crowd-favourite Legends Triathlon, where Australia’s best athletes from various sports try their hand at triathlon in a team format. There’s always a good mix of fun, shenanigans and laughter during the Legends Triathlon, so after you’ve checked your bike in, head on down to the finish area for Super Saturday. Just remember to have a bottle of water handy so you stay hydrated for Sunday’s race.
  • Get into the whole scene. There are a ton of clubs and age groupers racing. If you are looking to enter the sport of tri or looking for a move then there are a million options open for you to get involved more into triathlon. Also, while getting yourself into the scene it’s a great time to catch up with people you might only see once a year. Remember, triathlon is about the people and the friendships you make along the way.. embrace it!
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