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Tripod Season 2 Ep 12

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This week on Tripod the boys talk through all the big results in triathlon and spend some time talking to the traveling Wurteles, Heather and Trevor about all things tri and life in their RV.

You can also get this on iTunes.

*** There may be a couple of mis matched audio sections. We narrowly avoided catastrophic audio damage.. surgery required!

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  • Anonymous

    Dont forget Eneko Llanos at IM Frankfurt

  • Thomas

    I can’t ever find you guys on itunes

  • Steve

    FOTb. Get your story right about Jobe Watson guys.
    He and the Essendon football club checked with ASADA if this drug was legal. At the time of injecting the players (Feb 2011), AOD-9604, was legal. It has since been made illegal. Get your facts right. That is why he hasn’t been banned. That is why nothing ha happened yet. That is why the AFL haven’t stepped in and tht is why what Sam Newman was actually correct.
    As sports journos, you should be investigating this before taking a swipe at one of the most genuine people in Australian sport.

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