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Kienle tops Kona Pro Rankings, top-40 announced

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Tim Bradley 

Germany’s Sebastian Kienle has topped the Kona Pro Rankings at the end of the first qualification period on 9,260 points.

On the back of his big performances in Kona and Vegas last year, Sebastian Kienle has finished on top of the Kona Pro Rankings at the completion of the first qualifcation round on 9,260 points.

As the winner of last year’s Ironman 70.3 World Championship, Kienle is an automatic qualifier for Kona in 2013 after validating his entry at Ironman Frankfurt.

Craig Alexander’s and Pete Jacob’s slots are also set to roll down, as they too will qualify as returning champions. Although he finished well down on the KPR, Australia’s Chris McCormack will also get a spot for Hawaii under the same automatic qualifier clause.

With four automatic qualifiers (Kienle, Alexander, McCormack and Jacobs), the list of first round qualifiers is set to grow to 44 by the time all slots are activated.

Although there was a lot of speculation before the race whether or not he would make the first cut, Germany’s Marino Vanhoenacker (45th) should pick up a slot providing at least one athlete ranked inside the top-40 decides not to take up theirs and one athlete above him outside the top-40 does not wish to go. Matt White (44th) indicated he would not be looking to go to Kona on Twitter earlier today, so Vanhoenacker has a good opportunity to still make the first round of qualifiers.

Michael Raelert is also ranked outside the top-40 in 46th position on 3,630 points, but he too is still a chance to get a first round slot if enough above him decide not to activate their allocation. Stay tuned to as we will publish the full list of first round qualifiers as soon as it is finalised.

Note: Names with an asterisk next to them indicate automatic qualifiers. The table below represents the top-40 based on KPR points acquired during the first qualification period, which ended on July 28, 2013. Depending on automatic qualifiers and who decides to take up their slot, those who have finished outside the top-40 may get the opportunity to pick up a spot during the roll down. The full men’s KPR list can be found here.

Men’s Kona Pro Rankings Top-45

1 Sebastian Kienle* DEU 9260
2 Eneko Llanos ESP 9085
3 Andreas Raelert DEU 8290
4 Craig Alexander* AUS 8220
5 Frederik Van Lierde BEL 7260
6 Timothy O’Donnell USA 6985
7 Andy Potts USA 6850
8 Pete Jacobs* AUS 6690
9 Bart Aernouts BEL 6460
10 Bas Diederen NLD 6440
11 Jimmy Johnsen DNK 5910
12 Bevan Docherty NZL 5900
13 Petr Vabrousek CZE 5840
14 Ronnie Schildknecht CHE 5785
15 Faris Al-sultan DEU 5688
16 Jan Raphael DEU 5520
17 Axel Zeebroek BEL 5330
18 Timo Bracht DEU 5300
19 Per Bittner DEU 5290
20 Jordan Rapp USA 5085
21 Ivan Raña ESP 4900
22 Horst Reichel DEU 4845
23 Andi Boecherer DEU 4795
24 David Dellow AUS 4600
25 Christian Ritter DEU 4570
26 Maxim Kriat RUS 4530
27 Cyril Viennot FRA 4500
28 Tj Tollakson USA 4320
29 Ben Hoffman USA 4285
30 Tyler Butterfield BMU 4220
31 Matthew Russell USA 4180
32 Marko Albert EST 4175
33 Dirk Bockel LUX 4090
34 Balazs Csoke HUN 4060
35 Luke Mckenzie AUS 4045
36 Ian Mikelson USA 4000
37 Igor Amorelli BRA 3970
38 Chris Legh AUS 3960
39 Clayton Fettell AUS 3950
40 Andrew Starykowicz USA 3950
41 James Cunnama ZAF 3905
42 Thomas Gerlach USA 3800
43 Ben Cotter CAN 3790
44 Matty White AUS 3755
45 Marino Vanhoenacker BEL 3720
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  • Phil

    FOTB, can you clarify what Matt White’s intentions are? That paragraph doesn’t make sense

  • admin

    Updated, sorry for the confusion.

    FOTB Editorial Team

  • Vic

    Isn’t Faris Al-sultan an auto qualifier as a past winner in 2005 ?

  • FOTB’s Tim Bradley

    Faris is not because with regards to the Automatic Qualifiers and the past champions clause, it only runs for 5 years after they win the world title.


    FOTB’s Tim Bradley

  • Phil

    Thanks for the clarification Tim.
    Go aussies!! PJ, Macca, Crowie and Dellow top 4! (not really, but we’re allowed to dream)